PS5 Controller Skins - Application Tutorial

Step 1 - Acknowledge your inadequacy

The most important thing to know is that we built our skins knowing you'd mess up. 

If you stay calm and work slowly, you can unstick and re-apply dozens of times. 

Prepare the environment -

- First, you want to set aside 15-20 minutes to do this right.

- Find a flat, clean surface in a well lit room.

- Grab one damp cloth and one dry one.

- De-Cheeto dust your hands and evaluate your dietary choices.

- Next grab your vinyl kit and identify where each piece will go. Do not peel anything yet. 


1. Grab the piece for the controller's touch pad. Gently peel the vinyl back.

2. Line the vinyl up so that it aligns to the bottom two corners of the touch pad. Then gradually flatten the vinyl and work towards the upper corners. Smooth any creases and bubbles that form with your fingers.

3. Grab either the left or right handle piece and unpeel the button section of the vinyl. Do not unpeel the lower half. Using the buttons as a guide, stick the top portion into place.

4. This step can take a few minutes. Once the alignment looks about right, brush your fingers around the area of the gamepad/buttons to release the air and smooth out any bubbles. Gently unstick and reapply as necessary.

5. Once the top half is complete, flip the controller upside down (like the image below) and lightly pull the lower half of the vinyl down and align along the inside curve of the handle. Do not work on the outside curve yet. 

6. As you do this, use your thumbs to smooth the skin down, pushing in a downward motion to release the air.

7. Bubbles and creases WILL appear. As they do, lift up problematic sections and re-apply while smoothing out the vinyl. Do not lift up past the button section, or you'll have to start all over. Gradually work towards a tighter fit and your controller will look amazing.

8. Once you're satisfied with the inside curve, switch to the outer curve, using the same technique. 

That's it! If you need to restart, no worries. 

The vinyl will maintain its stick as long as you work with patience. If at any point you over-stretched the material, use a blow dryer for a few seconds to slightly heat scrunched or extended portions. This will return the vinyl to its original shape. 

Here's what your skin should look like -