Shipping frustration? Us too. Here's what's happening.

We'll give you the short story upfront. Your package is coming. If you have tracking, it may say "Waiting to arrive at facility," but that's not true. It's in transit. USPS tracking isn't updating due to COVID delays.

If you want every detail and a way to contact USPS, keep on reading. 

Our team handpacked every order and shipped them to the US. The crew in Missouri then delivered all US pre-orders to a USPS sorting center.

That's supposed to be it.  

But we've never had Christmas during the pandemic. Delays happen every year during the holidays. Tack on short-staffing due to the pandemic and you've frankensteined yourself a nightmare.

We know it sucks to wait, and we know some of you even have doubts that we're a real company. 

It's a blow for us too. Our reputation, time, and future as a business are all on the line. We're a small company. None of these things amount to small headaches. Placing our first order with suppliers meant taking out loans.

But, that's not your problem. You just want your stuff and rightfully so. We've done everything we can on our end. If you want to file a case with USPS and hope for specifics, you can do so through this link: 

Just enter your tracking # and our MO office's address when prompted. It's 4120 NE Port Dr, Lees Summit, MO 64064.

After hassling USPS via email, lighting up their phone and marching reluctant employees down to local branches, we realized something. It's a freaking pandemic. And it's Christmas. Sometimes there's nothing to do but wait.

And I promise you, your package will arrive. Tracking may be off. Delays may get a tad worse. But it's coming.

And it's going to be awesome.

Haydn Snape
Founder of CMP