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Ultra Rare Edition Shamu PS5 Console & DualSense Controller Vinyl Skin Bundle

$34 $52

Want to be reminded of man’s innate desire to own, cage, and exploit everything beautiful in this world? Well, hold onto your blubber and bear witness to the first skin inspired by a hostage of capitalism—Shamu.

The Shamu skin combines awesome features like:

  • Sleek matte black
  • Brilliant contrast
  • Funding our company vacation to Universal Studios—Sea World’s principal competitor

Already own a matte black skin from us? You can grab the  White Strip middle piece here.

As with all of our skins, you can expect CMP Craftsmanship:
-Precision tailored vinyl
-Laminate finish
-Air-release vinyl for bubble-free application
-No residue upon removal
-Adheres to the Playstation 5

Ready to be dispatched within 3 working days.

Please note although our skins will cover most of the surface of the PS5, there will still be some white showing, in particular along the edge of the plates. This image is a render only, final product may differ slightly.

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