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Special Edition Judgement Day PS5 Console & DualSense Controller Skin Bundle

$34 $52

You're bumbling across bumper to bumper traffic. You feel like a boiling simmer of rage in a pot of skin. Suddenly some buffoon slides across three lanes. You clutch the wheel. The world blares red.

Then, you smile. This is why God invented video games—for the simulated skull-cracking. Oh, how the heads will roll. You're a craftsman with a pixelated blade, a hailstorm on the COD fields. And, you have just the thing waiting at home. A PS5 wrapped in retribution.

It's Judgment Day.

Ready to be dispatched within 3 working days.

CMP Craftsmanship
-Precision tailored vinyl
-Laminate finish
-Air-release vinyl for bubble-free application
-No residue upon removal
-Adheres to the Playstation 5

Please note although our skins will cover most of the surface of the PS5, there will still be some white showing, in particular along the edge of the plates.

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