PS5 Standard Edition Console Vinyl Skin Application: 

PS5 Digital Edition Console Vinyl Skin Application:  

1. Welcome to your mandatory vinyl training. Please settle in and harshly hush any talkative loved ones.

2. You will want to pause the video throughout to complete the instructions in each caption.

3. If you mess up any step, gently unstick the vinyl and reapply. It will not lose its stick, unless you tug at the material like a frustrated chimp.

4. First, position the console horizontally so that the non-vented midsection is on top. Grab the vinyl that resembles the middle piece.

5. Unpeel the vinyl at the widest end and align to the edge of the PS5's widest midsection.

6. Once attached, gently unreel and apply until you reach the first curve.

7. When you're happy with the alignment use a credit card or your hands to gently but firmly slide across the vinyl and set it into place.

8. Now rotate the PS5 as shown and apply the rest of the middlesection, brushing across the top with your hand once in place.

9. Next you need to remove the console's detachable faceplates. This will not void the warranty.

10. Grab the vinyl pieces that resemble long right-angles and attach them to the back of the faceplate, at the edge that would otherwise show white when you reattach the plates.

11. Make video stop, caption - This part takes some craftsmanship. Be patient and listen if you want to live.

12. Set the PS5 so you can see the Sony logo. Find the vinyl piece with the logo outline. Carefully peel the corner and push in the logo so that the vinyl sheet has a hole for the outline.

13. Slowly Peel about 50% of the vinyl sheet then fold the paper against the unpeeled section as shown.

14. Attach the exposed vinyl to one end and slowly unreel, smoothing and aligning as you go.

15. You may need to gently unstick and reapply a section or the entire plate. If this happens start at one end and slowly work your way down.

16. Repeat the folding maneuver from step 14, and unreel as you did before. Lift up and smooth any creases that form as you attach the edges.

17. If at any point you biffed it and warped the vinyl, running a hairdryer over a section for a few seconds can help it return to its original form.

18. That's it. Nice work champ. Go game.