Xbox Series X Console Vinyl Skin Application: 

Xbox Series X Console Vinyl Skin Application:  

Preparation - DO NOT SKIP 

You have your vinyl. Now you just need it to be on your Xbox. 

Settle in and work carefully. You don't want to mess this up. Apply your vinyl skin when you have the time to do the job right. Quality application comes down to patience. 

Apply your skins in a dry, non-dusty environment. If you live in a wet and dusty environment, consider tidying up you salamander. 

Using a damp cloth, wipe down your console and controller. Even if they're fresh out of the box. This will ensure your vinyl sticks and lays flat. We use a standard glass cleaner and an anti-static cloth.

Lay out all the pieces of vinyl so you can see where each piece goes. Do not peel anything yet. You're not ready chief.  

Line up the vinyl

Alright. It's time. Pick a surface of your console to start with and grab the proper piece. Peel the vinyl. Focus on aligning one side of the sticker at a time. 

If you're patient, you can pull off and start again as many times as you need. You may need to grab by the edges and slowly unscrunch and smooth out a section. Don't worry the vinyl will not lose its stick. Just don't pull or stretch the material too much, apply carefully.

In the event that you DO stretch or pull the material too much, heat the vinyl with a hairdryer for a few seconds and it will likely return to its original shape. 

Once you've aligned the vinyl, grab a credit card, wallet, or use your hands and carefully but firmly brush across the vinyl surface to flatten any bubbles. 

Repeat your diligent application for each step and your console will look amazing. 

Stubborn bubbles 

We craft our skins from an air release vinyl, meaning most bubbles should be smoothed away naturally. However, if a particularly villainous bubble appears, gently prick it with a thin pin. This will remove the ne'er-do-well without leaving a visible mark. 

Xbox Controller Vinyl Skin Application:  

Peel the vinyl and do your best to position the skin over the controller. Use the buttons as a guide. Lift and re-try as needed, just do not tug or over extend the material. 

If the vinyl becomes misshapen, heat it with a hairdryer for a few seconds, and mumble a prayer to Cthulu. The vinyl should then reform to its original shape. 

Once you're happy with the placement, work from one side of the controller to the other, smoothing out the vinyl and aligning as you go. The rounded edges may take extra patience. Take it slow, re-stick and retry as needed.  

Next you want to smooth out any creases using your fingers or a credit card. If stubborn creases appear, give them a brief blast from the hairdryer. Brief. Overheating will cause the vinyl to return to its previous form, making re-application more difficult. 

That's it. How'd you do?